From Stock to Custom

Anyone can claim to do good work, but we feel that we would rather show you!  This video is of a recently completed Tri-Power setup for a customer's car.  We rebuilt and refinished the carbs and set up the manifold ready to bolt on and go.  Almost no additional tuning was needed after it was bolted on.  There is no replacement for experience, call us today!

A history of excellence


Decades of knowledge

Brian Midkiff, the Founder and Owner of MPS Speed Shop, has over 30 years of experience specializing in carburetion and induction.  This experience allows MPS to offer reliable results on every single carburetor we work on.  Whether you need advice on what carb is best suited to your project, or you need to breathe new life into your original one, MPS has you covered.


Our specialties...

Primarily, MPS specializes in performance, street and marine carburetors.  We offer new and rebuilt products, as well as rebuild and upgrade services for your existing carburetors.  Whether you just need your carb freshened up, or you want a gleaming, fully assembled, bolt-on ready tri-power setup, you have found the right place.  Give us a call today!


Our methods...

If you aren't buying new, you are probably going to want some sort of guarantee with your rebuilt carburetor.  That is why we have the MPS Guarantee!  You can feel confident knowing that the job was handled by an experienced professional, and that MPS stands behind every carburetor we sell and service.  After all, our customers are our most important asset!