Carburetor rebuild service with a quality guarantee

Our Service Guarantee


  • MPS Carburetors expressly warrants that all carburetors will be free from defects in material and workmanship. 
  • MPS Carburetors under this express warranty shall extend to the repair at MPS Carburetors option, of any part or parts of any unit which has been returned subject to inspection. 
  • Customer under this express warranty may return re-manufactured or new carburetor at anytime for inspection or repair. 
  • Upon receiving the carburetor, MPS Carburetors  will inspect and as needed, repair the carburetor. 
  • The carburetor will be run on our dyno and shipped back to you free of charge.  
  • MPS Carburetors recommends fuel tank and fuel line cleaning for instances of heavy contamination.  
  • MPS Carburetors always recommends you change your fuel filter when first installing your new or rebuilt carburetor. 
  • Returned carburetors, that have not been installed are subject to a restocking fee and shipping charges. 
  • MPS Carburetors does not warrant labor costs for removing or re-installation of a rebuilt or new carburetor. 
  • Shipping costs to return the carburetor to MPS Carburetors will be paid by customer.  
  • The shipping of carburetor back to customer will be paid by MPS Carburetors. 
  • MPS Carburetors will not give refunds for carburetors that have been installed or run.
  • Working with any fuel system is inherently dangerous.  MPS is not responsible for damage or injury that may occur while installing or using these products.